Because we know that websites can be very different, here is a little information about our Academy!  If you need more information – -Don’t hesitate to ask! 

Exactly how do these classes work?

Our Academy offers online Silhouette classes, taught by experienced, knowledgeable instructors who love working with their Silhouette machines as much as you do!   There are no DVDs, CDs, or books, which means nothing to wait for in the mail!  Simply log into your account from any device with an internet connection to start viewing.

How do I sign up for a Course?

Once you have decided on the course you want to take, you simply go to that Course page, and click on the black button Take This Course, in the upper right hand corner of the page. You will be taken to the Checkout page.

If you have a coupon for a discount or free class, in the first black bar, click on the red text “Click here to enter a coupon”. — A new box will pop up for you to apply the coupon. Once it has been applied, the coupon will be subtracted from your total. (If the total becomes zero, then there is not need to enter payment information.)

Create an Account — You will need to enter your Name and Email to create an account. NOTE! An email will be automatically sent to you with your Username — Be sure to check your email & save this! Some customers find this email in their JUNK folder — so please check there! This account is how you will access your classes from here on out!

Accept Terms & Conditions – You must accept our Terms & Conditions in order to process the order. We think you will like the!

Place Order — That’s it! Then you will be taken to your Course page! If you don’t want to watch now — you can log in later & access your courses.

I can't watch my class right now -- How do I access it later?

Easy!  Simply log in to your account, using the Username that was sent to you & the password you selected.  Once logged in, Click on your Username in the upper right hand corner to access the Drop Down menu.  From there, simply click on Courses & you will be taken right to your Course!    You can watch this anytime, anywhere you have internet access!

How do I add my Picture and Update My Account Information?

Again, click on your Username in the upper right hand corner of the Screen, and underneath your Username – click on View Profile.  From there, you can upload your avatar picture & edit your Account info.

How do I contact Customer Support?

We are just as close as your email!  Simply email us at info.terrijohnsonacademy@gmail.com.   We want you to have the best experience possible with our Courses and Academy!   We always do our best to get back to you within 24 hours (with the exception being Sunday — that’s our “Day of Rest” – -so it may take until Monday!)