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When Good Cuts Go Bad —

The secret to getting great cuts with your Silhouette machine is knowing the ins and outs of cut settings. There is no 1 magic cut setting that is going to work every time for every person for every project. This over 2-hour class will help you master cut settings, as well as understand what other factors go into getting clean and intricate cuts. I’ll walk you through everything there is to know about the options in the Cut Settings window. We’ll also talk blades, materials, designs and cutting successfully without the mat. I’ll teach you how to analyze your cut fails and adjust your settings accordingly.

This has been one of the most popular classes at the All Things Silhouette conferences. If you’re just starting out, or if you have some experience but want to know more about how to tweak your cut settings for maximum success, this is the class for you!

Lesson 1 – The Standard Cut Mode

  • How to find the Cut Settings Window
  • Understanding the Cut PreviewSelecting pieces to cut or not cut
  • Cut vs. Perforate
  • Cut vs. Cut Edge and when to use each one

Lesson 2 – The Advanced Cut Mode

  • How to cut by layer, line color or by fill color and when to use each one
  • How to select different materials for each layer, line color or fill color
  • Using pauses
  • Changing the cut order

Lesson 3 – Material Types and Blade Settings

  • Choosing a material type
  • Changing settings for blade number, speed and thickness
  • Creating a custom setting
  • Changing the order of material types
  • Blade types and numbers
  • Adjusting and loading the blade

Lesson 4 – More Settings Options

  • Speed, thickness, double cut, track enhancing and line segment overcut
  • Test Cuts
  • Advanced Cut Settings and Preferences settings that can affect the cut
  • Sending the project to the machine

Lesson 5 – Analyzing and Troubleshooting a Cut that Went Bad

  • Cutting never starts
  • Cut happens in the wrong place
  • Noises that indicate problems
  • Material lifting from mat or backing during the cut

Lesson 6 – More Analyzing and Troubleshooting

  • Mat or material falls off rollers during the cut
  • Material getting caught on mechanisms
  • Mat or material doesn’t unload
  • Design not fully cutting
  • Stray diagonal cut line through the project

Lesson 7 – Even More Analyzing and Troubleshooting

  • No visible cut lines
  • Material isn’t cut all the way through
  • Cuts are not correctly aligned at starting and stopping points
  • Material rips or tears instead of cutting
  • Fabric bunches while cutting
  • Portions of design are not cut
  • Material not releasing from mat
  • Paper curls when removed from mat
  • Final tips
  • Cut Settings

  • lesson
    Lesson #1 – The Standard Cut Mode
    30 minutes
  • lesson
    Lesson #2 – The Advanced Cut Mode
    30 minutes
  • Blade Settings

  • lesson
    Lesson #3 – Material Types & Blade Settings
    30 minutes
  • lesson
    Lesson #4 – More Setting Options
    30 minutes
  • Trouble Shooting

  • lesson
    Lesson #5 – Analyzing & Troubleshooting A Cut That Went Bad
    30 minutes
  • lesson
    Lesson #6 – More Analyzing & Troubleshooting
    30 minutes
  • lesson
    Lesson #7 – And Even MORE Analyzing & Troubleshooting
    30 minutes

Cindy Eckhoff

Cindy Eckhoff is a life-long crafter and has been creating with her Silhouette machines since 2008. With 25+ years teaching experience in homeschool, public and private schools, she enjoys combining teaching and crafting as she trains Silhouette users. Cindy's classes are fun and packed with information, and her positive teaching style will help you gain confidence and empower you to get brave with your machine and software. She is always one of our most popular instructors at the All Things Silhouette Conferences! Her past experience as a Customer Support Representative for Silhouette America gives her a unique perspective and comprehensive troubleshooting knowledge. A mother of 4, this Texas girl now resides in Utah.
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    One of the best!

    I loved all the classes I took at the conference, but this really was one of the best! Makes you love your machine and what it can do. Also helps you understand that it is a machine with some amazing abilities and because of that the user has to do their part as well to learn to understand how the software and hardware works together. Great class with lots of info.