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Print & Cut Like a Pro - Melissa Viscount Class

Silhouette Print and Cut have you intimated? Scared? Frustrated? No more! In this 30 minute class, you’ll learn all the tips and tricks to getting that perfect Silhouette print and cut from Silhouette School blogger and author of the popular The Ultimate Silhouette Guide book series, Melissa Viscount.

Melissa will not only lead you through the basics of printing and cutting, but show you so much more!

You’ll learn exactly how to troubleshoot when you run into a jam
Melissa will share the secrets to tracing, printing and cutting JPEG and PNG images
She’ll explain exactly why your text isn’t printing…and how to fix it fast.
You’ll learn how to turn regular Silhouette Studio cut files into print and cut-optimized designs
You’ll get schooled on the one thing that’s guaranteed to cause a registration failure every time
And she’ll explain how and when it’s actually necessary to re-calibrate your Silhouette machine

Up your print and cut game in just 30 minutes with this step-by-step class from the author of what’s often been referred to as the Silhouette print and cut bible, The Ultimate Silhouette Sticker Guide.

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Melissa Viscount

Melissa Viscount is the founder and creator of Silhouette School blog ( and the self-published author of the popular The Ultimate Silhouette Guide books. Since launching Silhouette School blog in January 2014, Melissa has established herself as an authority on all things Silhouette. From writing daily tutorials on how to use the crafting machine, to publishing a series of popular reference books on the die cutting machine, to speaking at blogging and crafting conferences across the country and launching a one-of-a-kind online Silhouette tutoring service, Melissa has turned Silhouette School into the go-to place for Silhouette users looking for instruction, inspiration and troubleshooting. Silhouette users on six continents read Silhouette School blog searching the archive of more than 800 step by step Silhouette tutorials. Along with sharing daily tutorials, Melissa has written and self-published six books as part of Ultimate Silhouette Guide series. The original book, the 160 page Ultimate Silhouette Guide, was published in March 2015 and sold more than 13,000 copies in its first year. Five of Melissa's six books are available in both digital and paperback format and are sold with Silhouette bundles on Amazon. As a full time blogger, Melissa's goal is to continually push forward with new, unique, and innovative ways for crafters to learn and love their Silhouette machine.
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    Informative Class!

    Loved the class! Am truly a newbie though, and wish you would have showed where to feed the vinyl into the machine (there are a lot of lines and I keep lining it up with the blue line on the left and my Silhouette Cameo 3 keeps cutting to the left of the blue line! :-/ ) Thank you so much!

    Awesome class

    Awesome class. Will be reviewing many times. Could I suggest that the buttons be enlarged in the videos. Even though you use a circle, being able to see the image on the button would be very helpful. Looking forward to many more videos. Judy

    Awesome Classs!

    Thanks for the AWESOME class Melissa. I have your books, but it’s always nice to be able to watch videos, that walk you through, step by step. Great tips! Can’t wait for more of your classes! Kathy Blake

    Print and Cut like a pro

    Excellent class. A lot of great information. Thanks Melissa, I have both of your books and enjoy your Silhouette School very much. Keep up the good work. Would love to see more on tracing and also classes on layering HTV. Linda W.

    Print and Cut like a pro

    Melissa, Your class was over the Top Informative. You are so full of energy and Thank you for sharing your Knowledge with us. I have all your books and look forward to more classes. Totally Recommend any class or book from you. Just another satisfied Addicted Silhouette-er! Linda

    PRINT AND CUT Like a Pro

    This was a wonderful class and I so hope there will be more. Thank you ever so much. I especially was interested in the calibration. The time and energy that goes into making these videos is very much appreciated by we students. Again, Thank you. Linda Lee


    Very informative. Thank you

    Lots of Great info

    Lots of Great info. I hope this will fix my problem…. There were many aspects, I didn’t know. Thank you, Melissa